Simple green

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I've been visioning/musing/networking on what work I might do, post-baby, and the confluence of sustainability and technology keeps coming up for me. That's a longer post than I have time for today, but it helps explain why I'm drawn to this.

It is a teaser for making a simple, passive-solar hot water of one's own. I bet I could almost do this! BTW, the site is a beta for, which appears to be the forerunner of a new Discovery Networks channel planned for next year.

A whole channel — another sign that the greening of America's taste continues. BTW: the reason I don't have time today is that I have to get to day 2 of my employment seminar, focusing on resumes, interviewing, negotiating, etc. Seems like a pretty good resource, another — gotta be my last by now — parting gift from Mother Globe. The provider hired by her didn't contact me immediately, and then I took a while to respond. But it seems worthwhile. ...

Seems pretty weird to actually have to get up and go somewhere in the morning.

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