Take refuge in the truth instead of taking offense

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There’s a saying at the poker table that “cards speak.” Doesn’t matter what anyone thought was there; only the facts matter. I recalled the aphorism while reacting to this tiny tempest on HuffPost Women:

Apparently, a New York eatery put out a street sign saying that oatmeal has 150 calories, and bagel with cream cheese has 600. “Summer’s coming, just sayin’,” or something like that. Someone complained on Twitter, the restaurateur removed the sign and apologized, to which the HuffPost reporter opined: “well played.”

The reason I’m bothering with this nothing story is the HP promotional tweet: “NY fat-shaming sign removed after Twitter complaint.”

What? How is this sign fat shaming? It makes a fact-based comparison between two breakfast dishes. Maybe, maybe, the “summer’s coming” comment ... no, not even that.

One can infer shame in whatever comment one wishes, but that doesn’t mean it was expressed or even implied, and I don’t see it here. It’s informational. It’s accurate. (I guess; I don’t count calories and have never run the chemistry.) IMO, people who see shame in it brought that shame with them.

Why should anyone have to apologize for stating facts?

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