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I've mentioned previously a story I wrote about electric bikes for E, the Environmental Magazine, and though it has been available to subscribers for more than a week, it's now available electronically as well. I commend it to you, but duh, I wrote it, y'know?


Meanwhile, I saw a squib this morning (on Venturebeat, via Cleantechnica) about Powergenix, a company I mentioned in the story because Houston-based Veloteq is partnering with the California company on a nickel zinc battery. Its touted attributes are that it holds more power than lead-acid but is lighter and cheaper than lithium-ion batteries.

At the time I wrote, Veloteq was unprepared to offer a timetable, but Cleantechnica says the new-battery bikes will be marketed in Europe and in America next year. (I was unable to find that either on the Veloteq or Powergenix sites, so perhaps not.)

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