Jail for organic lie

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The director of a British company found guilty of fobbing off food as organically grown has been sentenced to 27 months in jail.

According to a government website in Northamptonshire, the company came under suspicion when a government agency learned that the company was receiving regular shipments of "synthetic astaxanthin - an additive that is used in feed for farmed salmon to achieve a pink flesh colour and which should not be found in true organic salmon."

Food Navigator, a food industry website, reported "former employees of the company stated that the company directors made regular purchases of non-organic ingredients from local supermarkets. They also said they had been asked to remove non-organic ingredients from their original packaging to avoid their detection on the company’s premises."

Two other employees were prosecuted as well, but their jail time was suspended and they were ordered to perform community service.

According to the website, the "One" of the company's name is an acronym for organic, natural, and ethical.


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