Another whole-hog whole-food eater

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I don't have much to say about Shain's choice, which is to eat only raw foods. But one thing he said is that he's done it before, and every time he does, his constantly runny nose clears out in a day or two. Sounds like an allergy to something processed, though of course, I'm no doctor. I bet there are millions of people, literally, who would really benefit from doing this kind of foods exploration.

I know when I quit eating flour, my binges went away, essentially. I don't say that I'll never binge again, and I don't say that I havent' binged on other substances. But at the time I quit flour, I wasn't eating refined sugar but was still horribly mired in daily binging. A friend asked if it wasn't possible that all the flour I was downing could be increasing a) the severity and b) the frequency of the binges. Thankfully, I was at a low-enough point that I ceded the possibility, agreed to try to go without flour, and the severity and frequency binges went with them, so far. That was well more than 10 years ago. 

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