We don't ... unplug chargers

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We're really struggling with phantom power load at our house. The phantom power load, which is estimated at 15 percent of the household electrical bill, is what goes to devices when they're not doing anything directly for us. TVs, phone chargers, computers, etc. As a pretty electronic family, we have lots of these. Several factors have been getting in the way, but it boils down to laziness and habit. Lazy, because I don't feel like going around the house every night and snapping these things off, and then going around again in the morning and snapping them on.

We don't ... have two high-efficiency cars

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I don't think these will continue in parallel, mostly because we (try to) do more on the positive side. But still, both with the foreshadowing from yesterday's post, and the fact that we have a very visible sign of unreconstructed vehicle thinking, it seems only fair to come right back with it.

The price of biofuels

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I've long been a fan of Technology Review, MIT's magazine, but it is really hitting another stride recently. I just caught up on a couple of past issues I picked up at the Clean Tech conference and found a gem of a story you should read if you want to be able to converse about biofuels with authority.

This is the link. Among its points:

Mitt, the marketer

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Although Mitt Romney was my dad's choice for the presidency until he exited the race, the governor's politics and lack of conviction meant I'd never support him. So I never really thought about what it might be like to have a neighbor as the president.

But this morning, for the second time in a couple of months, I ran into him in the market. The other time, I was with Georgie but he was alone, cruising the produce section of the Shaw's Market in Belmont. This time, I was alone but he was with his wife, Ann, when we met up at adjacent cash registers at Wilson Farms.

We do ... have a Prius

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I've been thinking for a while about making a "sticky" post that would talk about all the things we do in our household with a green purpose, and all the things we need to change.

But today, I decided to start a series of shorter posts to cover the same ground, instead, and am beginning with the obvious, our "status symbol": 

1. We have a Prius.


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