Mondo corporations, sticking together

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My default position on corporations is pretty lefty, that they are not unlike stiff dicks — driven to get what they want, not caring about anything else. Pretty much of all them are chartered for self-preservation with blinders to social interests or social costs.

But I've been opening to a more nuanced position, based on the experiences of Adam Werbach and Wal Mart, and to a lesser extent, the writings of Joel Makower.

But when ABC takes the advertising dollars of petroleum pushers and refuses to run this ad by the Alliance for Climate Protection, they make it very hard to envision a time when corporations will be anything but bloodsucking blights that need to be forced by law to act like responsible entities. (We establish plenty of laws for the public good; a more open discussion is definitely in the public interest. And, of course, they're using the public airwaves; they just think they own them.)

ABC has no defensible ground here. Go here to urge ABC to reverse itself.

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