The military as a positive influence

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The Department of Defense is considering either supplementing or fortifying the rations of all active service personnel with EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids to enhance stress resilience and general wellness. [They would expect to] improve military performance, cut hospital bills and speed recovery from traumatic brain injuries.


This comes from, which views this as a business story; its lead paragraph talks about a huge market opening for those substances if the military follows through.  And, of course, it is; nutrition is inextricably linked to the marketplace, which is our way of life but not a way to safe way to life.

In this case, of course, this is potentially good news. Military service is one of the broadest/deepest shared experience among Americans — it's the nation's largest employer, for example — and most personnel cycle back to civilian life, bringing with them habits and outlooks shaped by the experience.

The potential I see this time is influencing America over time to view nutrition as prevention. Yes, we're talking about supplements, as opposed to just fruits and vegetables, but still, it's better than eating anything we want and then fixing whatever bad stuff happens. (Bariatric surgery is an example of that. Diabetic monitors and drugs are another.)

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