CBS goes for the fat jokes

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I wanted to acknowledge, but not spend too much time on, "Mike and Molly," a sitcom CBS has purchased for the fall. I watched its clip online and it appears it will be very much like pretty much every other sitcom, with extra fat jokes thrown in.

Fat jokes are a sitcom staple, of course, but usually they've come from the nebbishy fat guy, or the brassy fat woman. But Mike and Molly meet in an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, and hilarity ensues from there. Presumably.

I've only seen a 3-minute clip, but from a lifetime of sitcom study that includes "My Mother the Car," I leap to the following conclusions. It will be about as funny as every other sitcom, and it won't nearly approach "Starved," a short-lived, razor-sharp portrayal of food addicts that Fox tried out in 2005.

That show, from Eric Schaeffer, unquestionably knew food addiction from the inside. The show wasn't necessarily a great show, but it was a great portrayal of what it's like to be controlled by food and body image. 

This thing, judging from its 3-minute-plus promotional foot forward, will just be a bunch of yuks at the expense of, well, everyone.

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