It’s the Sox, it must be news!

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A disclosure at this morning's solar energy session after I filed a previous post from there was that the Red Sox are about to start construction on a solar hot-water project.

According to Christina Halfpenny of National Grid, the team will be able to meet 37 percent of its water-heating load in a system that will take 16 years to pay for itself, after incentives.

That seems a very long timeline, despite the team's well-established long-term commitment to Fenway Park. Either they are trying to be trendy, or got promotional considerations ("Official solar hot water provider to the Boston Red Sox!), they clearly expect to still be between Lansdowne and Yawkey Way in 2025, when the array will have been paid for.


[...] being announced is the installation at Fenway of a solar hot water system, which, of course, you read here first. Is the money being spent on that, or perhaps the subsidies going for that, including in the [...]

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