Good issues explainers at Starbucks

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The people at Good magazine have a good name, if you get what I mean. Some people might think you're saying that the magazine is good, when you're only meaning to say that the name of the magazine is Good. Especially when it's the first word of a headline, as it is above. Good thinking, no? No wait...

In this case, however, I'm saying both. I have seen Good, the magazine, only a couple of times but have been impressed, and now I have another reason to be. In conjunction with Starbucks, they've put together a series of one-page, graphic-intense issue explainers that are helpful, informative, and easy to take in. (Any graphic journalist would be proud to have such things said about her or his work, and actually, I'll be glad to hear anyone say that about my work as well.)

Energy was the first topic, followed by health care. Now, immigration is up. They are printed on newsprint of high-recycled content, and have been available for a week each, so far. I believe that they'll keep coming until the election.

I have my Starbucks issues (discussed here and here), and they sure don't need me to send people through their portals, so I'm not saying you should make a stop just for these. You could — the explainers are very good — but I'm not sayin' you should.

If you're stoppin' in, though, check these out.

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