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Three raised beds, just after plantingIn a recent post, I said I'd have more on my "other" gardening foray, a cooperative community garden a couple blocks away, but I've just not gotten to that. But I do have more on "my" garden.

Before I boast, and tally, I just want to say that there is more to this than one more middle-aged guy developing a new hobby. There are strong hobbyist elements, both in the "woodworking" and the gardening, but I am motivated by the ties I am making to nothing less than nature itself, of which I am a wholly owned subsidiary, and the tie to my food and the food my wife and son eat. 

Both points should be so completely obvious, but for about 5 decades they just weren't. Like the vast majority of those around me, I thought there was me and there was nature, and I could choose (or not) to be a part of it. But of course, we're all part of nature, even if the Bible says God gave us dominion. Phooey on that arrogant idea. 

And, food doesn't come from a supermarket. It comes from growers, whether corporate or human. I don't know crap about crops, but I'm going to learn. Here's what I've got going this year:

6 kale and 6 cabbage. What I really wanted when I went to the nursery was collards, but they were out. And, what they had came in six backs. So I've got six of each.

Tomato blossom8 tomato plants, from a variety of sources. My friend Jeremy gave me a couple, I got a brandywine at the Lexington Garden Club's plant sale, and I got three grape-tomato varieties at a nursery. (At right: three blossoms on one of the grape-tomato varieties. I'm advised that those blossoms are preludes to where tomatoes will fruit.)

I also have 10 leeks and 12 onion plants from Jeremy, far more ambitious than I and somewhat of an inspiration to me. I don't much like leeks, and I don't need that many onion plants, but he started all his stuff from seed and had freebie leftovers.

6 collard plants. Some were thinned out from our community garden plot, a couple others I bought at Mahoney's. I had 8, but sacrificed a couple to give tomatoes more room. 

4 bush bean plants. Label says green and wax, both.

3 bok choy.

2 eggplants.

1 sweet pepper. The latter two, plus the collards, are repeat plants from last year's small effort.

I'm trying to grow two types from seed, and have seen nothing of either yet: Pole beans and swiss chard.

I ended up building two new raised beds. I added the second one after discovering, when I removed the sod from soil I was going to plant the trellis stuff in, gaggles of grubs. I now think the trellis is overkill, because I didn't start early enough to grow peas, and because 4 of the 8 tomatoes aren't under the trellis, and 2 more won't reach it, at least for a while. Oh well, maybe next year, and in the meantime, it looks kinda cool.


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