Every day, I start anew, if I'm willing to

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Hello friends and readers, and welcome to this leap and election year.

I find myself limping into the new year, dogged by "should haves" and "haven't dones," which don't usually fit into my outlook, but here I am. My experience tells me I need to accept where I am before I can change, so at least I'm that far on the path, but not as far as I'd like to be. That qualifies, at best, as semi-acceptance.

Many people have awakened today with resolutions, determined to take advantage of the calendar turn in a way they're not willing on all the other calendar turns in a year. I loudly, proudly proclaim that I don't resolutions, that when I see a need, I address it, rather than waiting for auspicion (a word that doesn't exist but ought to, IMO). 

And though the part about New Year's resolutions is true, it's not true that I seize every day, because if I did, I wouldn't be stuck in these "should haves" and "haven't dones." (Bad Michael, BAD!)

What I'm working on today is that even if I don't do New Year's resolutions, I don't need to use the fact that we shared an auspicious calendar turn last night keep me from accepting where I am and seeking to change for the better.

Having that chance every day means I have that chance today, too, no matter what the calendar says.

My best to each of you.


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