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I have been struggling lately not to go over to the SUV drivers — and others — who are sitting idly by, running their engines without intent of moving, so they can have their air conditioning in 70-degree swelter.

The other burr in my saddle is the people who take a hank of napkins from the dispenser, and often a second hank just because the first one wasn't hefty enough. Almost all the napkins I use are leftovers from vacated tables, still neatly arranged and clearly clean but still abandoned.

Just take what you need, OK? It's a way of life.

It is well for me to remember, of course, that those who aren't in the same wicked-way-advanced state of enlightenment that I've attained may not want my input, which is why I've done well so far not to actually go over to any of these folks and instruct them on their heathen ways.

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