Flush choices

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Especially during the election, many among the climate-concerned called for a "Manhattan Project"-style initiative to devise or develop the technology that's going to save our asses.

But that's not a good analogy, because we don't need one solution — instead of trying to create one thing, we must solve a myriad of problems that don't all stem from the same stalk, even if energy is the most common point. That means we need a myriad of solutions.

This may be one, though I'm not sure I'll be rushing to get two for our house: Flush Choice is a retrofit kit to turn any toilet into a two-flusher — one for No. 1, another for No. 2. High-end fixture manufacturers have been offering this solution for several years — one of my most successful cover stories while editor of the Life at Home section covered that swirling scene — but this is the first replacement kit I've seen.

There is no doubt that water use should be a primary concern for all, and not just for those in the Southwest or around Atlanta, and toilets use upwards of a third of the water in a typical home.

The kits sell for $70 and come with a five-year warranty, which the manufacturer says is standard for the industry.

If you go to the website, be prepared to hear the sonorous tones of a flush, which I could have done without out.

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