What I'm doing on my summer "vacation"

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My summer of not blogging/not tweeting/barely FB-ing continues, as I tend to other portions of my outreach to the world.

One part of that is the stories I've been writing in the Boston Globe food section, which almost always spring from the sustainable-food world. The latest entry, on the locavores' increasing interest in natural fermentation as the way to preserve summer's bounty, is published today.

Another part of my efforts this summer has been pointed toward my professional speaking. Though I've been speaking in support groups for 20 years, and in Toastmasters and a National Speaker Association class I took from October through May, I gave my first speech out in the rest of the world yesterday, to a gathering of Rotarians in a town near where I live. I have two more speeches to Rotary clubs scheduled for next month, and other events into next year.

I never yearned to be a professional speaker, but it has become an organic outgrowth of the journey that began with my book, which I started writing perhaps 7 years ago (8?) this month and self-published about 20 months ago.

I'm fairly pleased with book sales, which have far outpaced what I'm told is the self-publisher's average, even while I have to concede they're minuscule in the context of what a successful book sells.

After reaching the conclusion that I've reached most of the people I can using the methods I've used, I decided to start carrying it to others from podiums. I charge a fee for my speeches, as a way to make my advocacy efforts sustainable, but especially here at the beginning, I'm willing to consider waiving that fee.

Rotary clubs don't compensate their speakers at all, so far as I know. But I still get to share my points, get to practice my craft (and I need to!), get video for potential promotional use as well as for pointers, and get the chance to sell books.

If you have a group that hosts speakers, I would be a great choice for an event.

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