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One of the features I like about Twitter is that it provides a middle ground, for items worth mentioning but not worth blogging.

(Actually, I should probably impose a Twitter-like character limit on my blogging and write far more posts, because that’s what readers want, but that offends my inclination. I’m working on that disconnection. OK, I acknowledge that disconnection.

(I’m fighting the same issue regarding my video posts. Later, I’m posting a revised first in a series, down to 2 minutes from the original 5.

(But already, you see my problem with short posts; they’re hard to do with three-paragraph parenthetical asides. Hell, just the words “three-paragraph parenthetical asides” would kill most of a tweet, right? )

But, I digress. Oh, do I digress. Anyway ...

The convenience of the tweets is great, but they do present content that I sometimes wish survived more than the couple hours that a tweet does.

So with this post, and others to come occasionally, I thought I’d gather a few of those tweets, and hope that they hang together.

If you want to witness the #binge life, read this, by@billbrenner1970: #foodaddiction #eatingdisorder (adds hashtags)

In Australia, the Medical Association urges govt clamps on junk food, alcohol, citing increased mortality.

Can Academy of Pediatrics brandish Coke logos and still be helping?

I wonder if the price will go down. Via @nprnews: Mars To Downsize Candy Bars In 2013

We turn to food when we are not hungry because we are hungry for something hard to name: a connection to something deathless, sacred. (Retweeted from Geneen Roth)

Very sad to hear clients' stories about doctors who outright dismiss the importance of nutrition. #MedicineDoesNotTrumpNutrition (RT from Andy Bellatti)

Studies show early intervention for eating disorders is vital. But *this* study says leave the kid alone...

I solicit your feedback, as always. No, really.

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