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Another round-up of recent tweets, hoping to revivify them beyond the typical tweet’s shelf life ...

Maybe you're philosophically opposed to government food mandates/taxes. But there is NO justification for sugary sodas. ... the best one can say for sugary sodas is that they're refreshing, which pales in view of the damage they do. ... the average American drinks 45 gallons of sugary soda a year. That's a lot!

From Robert Lustig to Bill Clinton, news on food addiction.

The great @yonifreedhoff nails Coke on its lie that they don't market to kids: 

CA bill would bar food trucks from school vicinity 6 a.m.-6 p.m. via @sfgate

Children get 16% of calories from added sugar, study finds

@Farmerssustain @kristinwartman Govt used to see children as individuals to protect, until corporations became so powerful with their $$. [RT by Nancy Heuhnergarth, @NYSHEPA]

Given the chance, kids are asking for kale and kohlrabi. It's our job to give them the chance. #foodcorps 

Like Rush Limbaugh preaching civility. RT @McDonaldsUpdate: McDonald's to kids: Eat fruit, drink milk, visit Arches [RT by Nancy Heuhnergarth, @NYSHEPA]

Laughably, lamentedly, Coke maintains it doesn't market to kids. They're good at selling, but do you buy that? I don't.

If Will Power alone could keep weight loss going, I would be at a negative 500 pounds! [RT @findingthinfilm]

Sushi in the Castro, cause that's how I California roll. Then to airport.

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