Pearls of nutritional wisdom, by Andy Bellatti

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People who drive faster are maniacs. People who drive slower are slowpokes. And I, of course, drive just right.

That thought group is why I hesitate to (over)praise the deep and whole wisdom of Andy Bellatti's guest post for Fooducate — the reason I like it so much is that he says things I say.

Even so, to have a registered dietitian say them is gratifying, for two reasons. One, his education and shingle lend credence to my/our/his position. And two, despite their education and shingle, most RDs cluelessly spout the opposite.

I urge you to go to the link and read his full comments, but my synopses of the four are:

1. There *are* such things as bad foods.

2. Moderation is a meaningless term.

3. Conventional wisdom says "healthy eaters" have to plan well because they're skipping essential nutrients, while it ignores that the typical omnivore is eating crap left and right.

4. If what they're doing isn't working, asking clients to step outside their comfort zone is not only not a failing approach, it's the right move.


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