Food addiction, obesity, Coke, Kellogg's, and more

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Tweets the deserve a longer moment in the sun:

Surrendering just may save your life  [RT from @wtpicketfence]

Worst marketing practice of the week: Crayons functional kids’ drinks  [RT from @YaleRuddCenter]

Oh dear...!!! 8% of Brits think strawberry ice cream counts towards your "five a day" - Mirror Online  [RT from @NutritionRocks1]

This is how change happens in corporations — they identify their own best interest. We just have to keep showing them.  via Time Mag, about bottlers’ decision to change their caramel coloring formula to avoid health warning for cans.

More on Coke's selling to kids, which is says it doesn't do. Via@YoniFreedhoff and @nyshepa 

Kellogg's slammed for saying sugar is not related to obesity or ill-health  (in UK of course) [RT from Appetite4Profit]

Vera Tarman, MD, a doctor who gets it -  [RT from @annielouiserose]

Haruki Murakami on nuclear power, citizenship in the world, and the downside of efficiency. 

Worst marketing practice of the week: Cookies for breakfast!  [RT from @YaleRuddCenter]

Via @nprnews: Pakistan-India Rivalry Extends To TV Food Fight 

I get it, I guess, but this will not end well: #Bloomberg's "#foodpolice" ban food donations to homeless shelters.

LA Times explainer: Refined sugar v. refined sugar. (I say: Who cares? From any source, #refinedsugar is pernicious.) 

Scicurious asks, "Overeating and obesity: Should we call it #foodaddiction?" 

Despite the headlines, Big Ag subsidies aren’t going anywhere. via @Grist

#NEDA praises: Israel bans use of underweight models in ads, requires disclosure when images are photoshopped. 

Junk food ads prevalent in Maine high schools despite ban, study finds. #mehealth via @bangordailynews

Produce consumption remains at 2004 levels, researcher finds.  via Tampa Tribune

Companies are betting that snacking the future of eating.  via @foxbusiness

More studies to show: Chemicals in plastic linked to rise in obesity and diabetes:The Independent  via @KristinWartman

RT @michaelpollan: Here's the single best guide to the upcoming farm bill fight, from Dan Imhoff. via @NYSHEPA


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