"10 Words or Less" with Chris Clarke-Epstein

Clarke-Epstein is not only a member of the National Speaker Association, but she's a past president and has achieved the highest earnable distinction in the organization, Certified Speaking Professional.

She's coming from Wisconsin, for expenses only, to help New England Chapter members — and anyone else who wants to attend; you're invited! — work out how to best to deliver the unique messages we each have to share.

We're the speakers' association, but in today's world, we also train, moderate, facilitate, host, write, coach, consult, etc. Her highly interactive presentation — Nov. 5 from 9-2 at Embassy Suites in Waltham, Mass. — will help attendees see how their intellectual property can best and most profitably be presented to the world. 

Also that day, NSANE will conduct its annual auction of trips, memberships, services and more. Much of it relates to speakers, but not all of it, and many bargains can be had. 

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