Child obesity and sleep

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Frequent readers know that my bottom line is that food addiction is real, and that ignorance underlies its lack of acceptance in mainstream medicine and popular culture. So it's fair to say that anyone doing research on obesity (the main, but not only, result of food addiction) is a friend of mine, and that's essentially true.

However, I've got a question about this study, which I heard about this morning on NPR. Essentially, it says that kids who don't get enough sleep at night are at greater risk for obesity later in life. 

I wonder how I benefit from that. I'm still a rookie at parenting, but if I have a kid who doesn't sleep, I don't know how much I could do to force him down. If I'm keeping him up wantonly, OK — this study says I should stop doing that. But what parents are trying to force their kid to sleep less? 

I look forward to the comments, in which someone will surely point out what I'm missing.

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