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Retune your self-interest

Part of a continuing series related to ideas in my book, “Sustainable You/8 First Steps to Lasting Change in Business and in Life.”

In far earlier times, humans had far fewer choices: Eat when you find food, find safety before dark, run or be eaten.

Today, of course, we can choose from 31 flavors, a dozen expressions of rice cake, and triple-grande decaf extra-hot no-foam skinny vanilla lattes. Oh, the riches of modern life!

Food addiction, obesity, Coke, Kellogg's, and more

Tweets the deserve a longer moment in the sun:

Surrendering just may save your life  [RT from @wtpicketfence]

Worst marketing practice of the week: Crayons functional kids’ drinks  [RT from @YaleRuddCenter]

Oh dear...!!! 8% of Brits think strawberry ice cream counts towards your "five a day" - Mirror Online  [RT from @NutritionRocks1]

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