More on Mayor Bloomberg's action

Here's the thing about Bloomberg's idea to ban sales of large sodas: He's actually acting!

Yes, the ban has holes in it, such as not covering every conceivable high-sugar beverage. And no, if it works to perfection, it will barely dent the obesity problem in only one part of the world. But any sort of success would endorse trying the same or similar measures elsewhere.

Bloomberg sees the same problem we all do, and he's *doing* something, which already has moved more focus to the problem, and to solutions.

Some of my sharpest scorn for Big Food hacks such as the Center for Consumer Freedom is that they only say what they're against. Their "solution," personal responsibility, has been in force for ... ever, and obesity is now a pandemic. Their idea Does Not Work.

Bloomberg's gambit can always be changed or rescinded if it doesn't work. Just like sole reliance on personal responsibility should be.

I'll add my usual postscript that I *love* personal responsibility, and agree it would be the best solution for just about every ill facing America. It was when I took personal responsibility that I went from 365 pounds to 210, or thereabouts. I talk often about how I did that, because my hope is that it will help others do the same.

But as a public policy, it ain't frickin' working, and we can either act differently, or we can all go down together.

If you see a different way, let's hear it.

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