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I encountered boosters for the Better World Club at the recent Down 2 Earth trade show. It says it's better than Triple-A, and maybe it is. I'm a Triple-A member and have found it good enough but not outstanding, so I'm neither seeking an alternative or wedded to what I have. As you can imagine from its name and from the venue it bought table space at, BWC touts itself as a being more eco-minded. Among its offerings are: * Roadside assistance for bicycles as well as cars * They donate 1% of revenues to environmental clean-up and advocacy. * Hybrid and biofueled-car owners get a 15% discount. A lot of its pitch is focused on the evils of Triple A, which it describes as archaic and anti-environmental. It says, for example, that Triple A advocates for motor vehicles only, at the expense of the Clean Air Act, bicycle trails, and mass transit. The club's other claim to legitimacy is an endorsement of sorts by Click and Clack of Car Talk fame: "Finally, an auto club with decent values," a BWC brochure says. Actually, it says that it appeared on, which could mean anyone put it there. I'm wary — they say they've got 35,000 providers in 50 states, but I have to say, my inclination in this case is to cling to the known. I don't think of AAA as so bad that I'd be willing to take a chance on an unknown. What do you think?


Hi there,
I'm with BWC and wanted to pop in and say thanks for the mention. I'm glad to hear that you ran into us at Down 2 Earth, but, as you point out, we're still fighting to let people know about us.
It's easy for me to say that we have tons of happy members, but I encourage you to check out our profile on, we have over 36 reviews (and none of them were written by us ;) Also, regarding the quote, I don't have it in front of me, but I know the Magliozzi brothers have talked about us quite a bit on their site.

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