A shout-out to Vladimir M. Petrovic

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I had never heard of Mr. Petrovic until encountering him at GreenBuild. He is vice president of Dadanco, a company I had never heard of until encountering it at GreenBuild. It makes HVAC "solutions." I became aware of Mr. Petrovic because his company sponsored Van Jones's speech, and had the opportunity to say a few words before Jones began. And he did — he said a few words, and sat down. A day later, I happened by the Dadanco booth, still without realizing what Dadanco did. I turned around and there he was, just listening to his presenter talk about chilled beams. I said hello, thanked him for his company's sponsorship of such an interesting speaker, and wondered why he hadn't said more. In the next hour, Stefan Behnisch was sponsored by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and its representative spoke for about five minutes. Had information to convey, seemed totally fair. But Mr. Petrovic (whom I just feel hesitant to call Vladimir, for what has to be some dumb sub rosa reason) replied that he judged it not to be the right time, not with such an exciting, inspirational speaker and Jones. "It would just have been a commercial," he said. So here's a guy, as the embodiment of his company, deciding not to cash in selfishly, so as not to taint the experience he/they helped make possible. And I say, anyone who does that requires recognition, such as is the recognition my tiny enterprise can provide. In the bargain, I found out what chilled beams are. I'd thought that they were structural beams that had been tasked with the additional function of cooling a building by running some refrigerant through them. I can't be the only layman who never knew that, but still, that's not it. Now that I know, it doesn't even make sense: hollowing out structural elements would make them less safe, and varying their temperature by design would make them even less safer. Duh. Essentially, chiller beams transfer the weight of conveying coolness from air handlers to water handlers, which is more efficient. Less air handling means less energy spent on fans. Anyone, if you see Vladimir, give 'im a pat on the back. He's clearly a gent and deserves one.

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