A new avalanche

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I have at least 5 posts left over from the AIA show a couple of weeks ago, but this week, the parade of professional conclaves in Boston continues with the Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries conference, which is sharing space with a nanotech show and a "tech connect" show. I can't say I love the show format, but I sure do the love what they offer, the chance to learn about new stuff at an almost overwhelming pace.

Parts of this show are impossibly over my head, especially on the nanotech side. As an example, one of the presentations Thursday is titled, "Precision Placement and Integration of Individual Carbon Nanotubes in Nanodevices by Fountain-Pen controlled Dielectrophoresis." Admit it, you're wishin' you were me right now, right?

But I've heard lots of interest, and as I fill space before the next presentation — "Building the Smart Grid" — the next couple of posts are about some of what I learned this morning.

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