A 250-square-foot home, on wheels

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Via Re-Nest and the Hartford Courant (a former employer) comes the Tiny House, a one-off production of Elizabeth Turnbull, with help from friends and neighbors.

Turnbull lives in Newburyport, Mass., but is moving to New Haven for the next two years to attend the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She calculated her housing costs for that period, and decided to apply the funds in a more constructive way than just finding a roomie and paying rent.

As with many things on Re-Nest, I'm not sure I could live in her space. The bathroom, as she points out in a video, is smaller than most people's showers — 3 feet by 3 1/2 feet. But she'll be quite self-sufficient, with a composting toilet and three 70-watt solar panels that she says will provide all her needs.

Whether you'd live like that or not, she's an interesting person with an impressive outlook and attitude. Check it out.

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