Matthew St. Onge, in "10 Words or Less"

No, not Martians, of course, but what to call them otherwise? I'm referring to people who are working in the fields of sustainability, efficiency, renewability, etc. I run across a lot of them, and they've all got ideas, perspectives, and stories. So I've decided to try to introduce a few of them via a series of miniprofiles of a type I used to do at the Globe. They're mini because not only are they short, but all the questions, and most of the answers, are 10 words or less. 
MATTHEW ST. ONGE, 49, Cambridge President, Boston Building Materials Co-op
Green hero: Rick Ames.
Who's he? He has a firm called Next Phase Studios in Boston. He's very knowledgeable about renewable energy. A smart guy, a visionary. He got the Genzyme Building to work.
Green awakening: When I started working here in 1993.
Little-known green fact: The effectiveness of compact fluorescents.
Recent addition to your personal sustainability practices: Driving 65.
Down from? 75
Solar, wind, geothermal, or biofuels: Solar.
Paper or plastic: Paper.

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