Lester Brown

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I'm still a green neophyte, so I can't wax eloquent about Lester Brown, founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute, who has popped up on my radar a couple of times in short order. But E.O. Wilson, whose imprimatur I'll accept on any topic, says this...

"Lester Brown is one of the pioneers and heroes of global environmentalism. His publications and those of this institute have been far ahead of the field in raising red flags concerning global change and providing vital, solidly researched information. They have also presented solutions for the new and dangerous environmental problems humanity has created for itself. If the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize had been extended to a third recipient, the logical candidate would have been Lester Brown. Maybe next time."

So why bring this up? Brown is giving a speech for free this Sunday, the 24th, in Lexington. Afterward, he'll be selling, and signing, copies of his book, "Plan B 3.0."



Interesting. I have never hear of Lester Brown but would be interested in knowing more about what he says. Do you have anyway of obtaining a transcript of his speech? or of recording his speech to post as an MP3 file?

[...] crisis, we have to solve the democracy crisis, and we have one.” This echoes, of course, what Lester Brown said at his talk in Lexington recently. He said we have everything we need except political will. [...]

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