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No, the subject isn't cold drinks made with evaporated cane juice, organic yogurt, and shavings of ice from distilled water. EcoShakes are an artificial shingle made from wood chips and recycled PVC piping that were shown at GreenBuild.

I thought they looked awful.

Granted, I was seeing them at fairly close range under artificial light, and they might look a lot better espied from street level on a typical day in the suburbs. But in those conditions, they looked as fake as fake could be.

So I inquired, and the reply didn't make me feel better: "That sheen comes right off. We like to say, '3-6 months and that will be gone.' In high UV areas, even sooner." Oh, so they're affected by UV light? "Oh, no. We offer a 50-year transferrable warranty."

Well, there's that, I suppose.


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