Larry Chretien: Pro-consumer, pro-environment

Larry Chretien, MassEnergyAnother in a series of miniprofiles of sustainability-minded people who are working to reduce humankind's footprint on the planet.

Executive director, Energy Consumers Alliance of New England
(in Mass., they're known as Mass Energy; in Rhode Island, they're People’s Power and Light) Chretien (rhymes with Grecian) is just reaching 9 years at Mass Energy, but has been working at sustainability since college. He said his nonprofit organization is pro-consumer and pro-environment on energy issues. Among its initiatives are two energy-buying groups. and one under development is an energy-efficiency program that "a perfect way to connect the two parts of our mission," Chretien says.
What was your green epiphany? "In 1979, when there were hostages taken in Iran, and oil price increases, and gas lines and lots of discussion on foreign oil. "
A green hero: "Today it would have to be Al Gore, but I also like Amory Lovins."
A sustainability practice you recently added: "We just bought our second Prius."
An example of greenwashing that really bothers you: "Hybrid SUVs."
Technology you’re most hopeful about: "One that is really exciting is LED lighting."
Paper or plastic: "Carry cloth bags."
The one thing you wish everyone would get right: "Almost all of us can use less gasoline, even me."
Are we going to make it? "The jury is still out. Opportunities are out there, but I’m not sure we are smart enough to seize the day."

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