What to know about Big Food

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The following is lifted verbatim from Andy Bellatti's interview of Bruce Bradley, which I saw published on Grist's food feed. Bellatti I'm a bit familiar with; I follow him on Twitter. I also now follow Bradley, as a result of the full interview. Bradley worked in Big Food for years, so he knows the industry from inside.

What are three things you think every consumer should know about Big Food?

1) Big Food is profit-driven. Don’t be fooled into thinking a brand or the food company that owns it cares about you or your health.

2) Think critically. Most claims and advertising by Big Food companies are meant to manipulate you, not educate you. Read your labels and do your research.

3) There is no free lunch. Over the long-term, you always get what you pay for. Cheap food is very expensive once you add up the true costs—like the taxes you pay to subsidize Big Food companies, health consequences like obesity or diabetes, the devastating harm to our environment, and the inhumane treatment of animals raised within the industrialized food system.

So why did I lift these? 'Cause he agrees with me, of course. Or, more accurately, I agree with him.

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