Oh, the whiplash

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Yes, readers, you have a right to be confused. The name on the blog is "Sustainably," but pretty much everything I write these days is on food, food policy, obesity, and addiction. As I've written before, there are parallels, but even so, what happened to the sustainability stuff?

And then comes a post like this one, after at least a couple of dozen "off-topic" posts! But I'm just going to live with the dissonance for now, and figure out what to do later. So, anyway...

MIT puts on a fabulous conference, as well they should, and the 2010 Sustainability Summit (note: m-i-t is part of the term!) is scheduled for April 23. This year's event, the second, is organized around the need to communicate and collaborate to advance the cause.

Hundreds of participants are expected — last year's had more than 300 professionals, students, and speakers. Peter Senge, founding chair of the Society for Organizational Learning, will give the keynote speech. Session topics will include green marketing, agriculture, life cycle analysis, recycling, and fair trade, all of which are titillations for the fellow I'm becoming, stranger that he is.

The event goes from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center, 1 Memorial Drive. Registration page here.

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